ShunDa company lies in the south-east of BaoDing city.It is two kms to high-speed road and ten kms to No.107 lounfry road.The situation is favorable and it has wide spread prospect.
  ShunDa company specializes in producing various kinds of black ,white and grey bristles ,such as Hankou boiled bristles ,QingDao boiled bristles, ChongQing boiled bristles,ShangHai boiled bristles and etc,It has two hundred workers.The annual output is 200,000kg .the products are exported to Europe,America, South-East Asia.We prepare the higgest quality ,obey the contract and always keep it words . We have had products fine quality for scores buying our products .
  Our company have advanced technology.The equipment is very advanced and the products are well done .It warmly welcomes as a self-run exportation enterprise cliensof all countries come to ShunDa to talk busines